Animating in Unreal

A 10-week course introducing students to different skills & techniques to animate and create cinematic shots in Unreal

Course overview Course overview

Course Overview

Learn to animate cinematic shots for games

This class serves as a solid introduction to the skills and techniques needed to create a cinematic in Unreal. This course will cover a proper pipeline method used in professional studios to accommodate multiple departments. The students will be walked through the creation of a cinematic starting with planning the shot, animating all associated actors and cameras, exporting from Maya into Unreal, compiling scene in Sequencer, to finally rendering out assets to share with the world.

Course Format:   Live format
Lecture Type:   Live format (recording available afterwards)
Feedback:   Individual recordings
Duration:   10 weeks
Assignment:   Deadlines each week
Q&A:   Once a week
Materials:   Autodesk Maya (or equivalent), Unreal, AfterEffects
Skills level:   Intermediate to Advanced
Prerequisites:   Knowledge of Maya, Unreal, Premier and/or AfterEffects; recommended course pre-requisites include Body Mechanics

Animating in Unreal WHAT YOU’LL LEARN

What you'll learn

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Introduction | How to plan your scene (reviewing the brief) | Thumbnails | Getting a feel for the environment that your story will take place in | Focus on crafting the story, not creating "portfolio-ready art" | Finding that "hero shot"
Continuity is key | How to create a flow between shots | Screen shots and draw overs | How does acting reinforce your story?
This is where we bridge the work that we are doing in Unreal with creating assets in Maya | Setting up the Unreal Sequencer file; bringing all actors (characters/props) into your shot | Exporting your shot into Maya | Pre-planning pays off; parity between Maya and Unreal is key
Creating your key frames (storytelling poses) | Great animation starts with solid poses | Don't try to put everything in at once: poses before timing
Adding poses to into your scene; refine your storytelling poses | Adding a sense of timing to your scene; when to hold, when to be fast | How to play with the camera and make your characters shine
Your animation should not be final! Bringing your WIP animations into Unreal and establishing your pipeline | Introduction to the correct pipeline method--the same used for studio production | How to set up your rendering pipeline to be used for premier/aftereffects as well
How to start polishing your animations | How to effectively use the tools available to you, such as the graph editor, timeline, anim snap, and mel scripting
The sentence that everyone hates to hear; someone has notes, and they want something to be changed | How our workflow will help in adjusting your scenes without completely starting over
How to finish your scene | When something is better or different | Learn how to "ship" something
Small camera tweaks | Rendering adjustments | Editing adjustments | Finalize and have it available to show the world!

Igniting your imagination

Bill Buckley has been working as a developer in the video game industry for over ten years. His roles have included Senior Animator, Story Artist, writer, Digital Cinematographer, Concept Artist and currently, Animation Director with First Contact Entertainment. He has worked on popular titles for companies such as THQ, Disney Interactive, Limbic, SCEA, Activision (Neversoft and Infinity Ward) and StarBreeze. His resume includes major titles such as Tony Hawk Proving Ground, WWE Smackdown vs. Raw, NBA 2007, Disney’s Club Penguin, eight Guitar Hero titles, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, John Wick The Impossible Task in VR and ROM Extraction. Bill is also a lecturer, mentor and teacher of animation and game development both domestic and abroad.


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