Character Design in Sculpting

An 8-week course where students will design a dynamic character sculpt using Zbrush

Course overview Course overview

Course Overview

Sculpt characters using Zbrush

In this class, students will choose an existing character concept art or create their own and design it in Zbrush.

Course Format:   Standard
Lecture Type:   Pre-Recorded
Feedback:   Individually Recorded
Duration:   8 Weeks
Q&A:   Once a week
Materials:   Zbrush, Photoshop, MoI 3D or any major 3D package (Maya, 3DS Max, , etc)
Skills level:   Intermediate
Prerequisites:   Course Pre-Req's include Zbrush for Concept & Iteration, Anatomy for Production, Sculpting Anatomy: From Animal to Creature

Character Design in Sculpting WHAT YOU’LL LEARN

What you'll learn

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Introduction: What's a design and brainstorming a character | Brief introduction on storytelling with facial features and rough blockout | Understanding the mind of character and background | Brief intro on Zbrush and basic tools required to start a sculpt block for character, including face and body.
Breaking a character design into different parts | Searching for reference, How to use time cruncher techniques between projects. | Working on facial refinements and developing accessories for body | Style research & exploration with loose sketches in Zbrush and Photoshop.
Regular class feedback based on previous lectures. | Introduction to facial anatomy to support our sculpt. | Exploring different facial shapes with the help of references.
Searching for different techniques to develop accessories. | Tips and tricks using Zbrush and MoI 3d to develop complex designs. | Moving onto the body based on our developed style. | Aesthetics of accessories using MoI 3d to enhance the speed of an artist
Introduction to dynamic anatomy and poses. | Understanding the muscle movements based on body aesthetics. | Using transpose in Zbrush and exploring possible pose for character.
Checking assignments developed so far. | Sharing pros and cons based on student's works | Possibilities of changes based on the works provided by students
Final refinements on face and hairs. including detail pores maps | Finalizing the body pose including the accessories. | Starting blockout renders within Zbrush | BPR render techniques and some insights
Exploring ideas to develop the base | Designing elements to make the base small but meaningful | Understanding the ideology to preserve space for statue. | Considering possible switch outs for whole character | Wrapping up the whole thing.

Bringing out the best in talent

Romell Chopraa is a Senior Character artist & 3D Concept Designer residing in the capital of INDIA, New Delhi. Having over Ten years of experience working in the video game industry / Prototype industry as a Senior character artist with a focus on Character Designing, modeling and sculpting. He has created characters and prototypes for games and Commercial industry including PRIME 1 Studios , XM Studios and Dark Horse Comics which follows some of the prominent Licensed IPs from Marvel and DC. Batman vs Superman (Movie) Prototype, Sniper Ghost Warrior 2, Skyrim, Star wars prototypes, Zelda Skyward sword, etc. Presently, Romell is a Freelance Senior Character Artist and Concept Designer for collectibles industry, games and cinematic industry. In his free time, Romell kitbashes Vinyl figures and designing mechanical robotics, Always trying to find the most significant and fastest way to achieve dramatic results with his modeling, texturing and rendering skills.


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