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3D for 2D Artists

An 8 week course where students will learn to integrate easy 3D techniques into their 2D concept artwork

Course overview Course overview

Course Overview

Take your art to the next dimension

This class will help students understand how powerful 3D is and how to take advantage of different techniques to translate 2D skills into full 3D scenes. Students will render multiple scenes while learning to incorporate 3D techniques into their concept art workflows. Initially the course will focus on the essential 3D tools to quickly generate great 3D base images that can be presented present as blockouts ready to be polished in a painting software like Photoshop. As the course progresses, students will start working with more complex organic scenes. Finally, students will create an entire environment based on their own 2D drawing or sketch, getting multiple shots to tell a story. The course will also demonstrate why 3D workflows require knowledge of 2D composition and color to have a professional piece. This course uses Blender for the 3D techniques, but the skills and workflows demonstrated can be adapted for other 3D software packages.


Course Format:   Live
Lecture Type:   Live
Feedback:   Individual recordings
Duration:   8 Weeks
Assignment:   Deadlines each week
Q&A:   Once a week
Materials:   Blender 2.81 | Photoshop
Skills level:   Intermediate
Prerequisites:   proficiency in digital painting and drawing. Recommended Courses: Digital Painting, Fundamentals of Environment Design

3D for 2D Artists WHAT YOU’LL LEARN

What you'll learn

The more you know, the better.

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Introduction | Why 3D? | Different uses of 3D | 3D for 2D | How much 3D? | Setup Blender/Addons
Interface | Navigation | Transformations | Primitives | Modifiers | Edit Objects
How to use Curves | Edit Curves | Screw Modifier | Grease Pencil | Intro to Sculpting | Polycount
3D Blockout | Kit Bashing your own Models | Where to find free Models | Edit and clean downloaded Models | Mixing Models | Character Placeholder
Placing multiple elements | Dynamics and Destruction | Using the Shader Editor | What's PBR | Displacement for surfaces
Camera lenses | Adding Lights | Lighting with HDRI | Creating Atmosphere | Volumetric Lighting | Rendering process
Put it all together | Dissecting a 2D image | Start Big, avoid the details | Working Smarter | Parametric Setup
Using Render Passes | Compositing in Photoshop | Going back to 3D | Paint over a 3D Render | Adding 2D Textures | Overview of other software and their application in concept art (i.e. Zbrush, Octane) | Students will have 2 weeks to work on final assignments

Unleashing your creative potential

Mexican artist Sergio Castañeda is part of the One Pixel Brush team, creating concept art for titles like Last of Us Part 2, Call of Duty Mobile, Arena of Valor, among others. Starting his career as a 3D technical artist, he decided to jump into the professional concept art world in the last years starting from scratch. He is constantly looking for new tools and techniques that allow him to move quickly and get the job done in a short time. Always searching for the best way to tell the story in every single image. He enjoys challenging projects but also family, movies, music, and dogs,


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