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Anatomy for Production

A 10-week course thoroughly examining the form and function of bones, muscles, tendons, and more - providing a deeper understanding of anatomy

Course overview Course overview

Course Overview

Understand anatomy, form, and function

The objective of this class is to understand anatomy in terms of shape, form, and function. Each week we will study a different portion of the upper human body, find ways to simplify the muscle and bone structures, and see how these impact or are impacted by the movements of the body. Through a series of sculpts, we will attempt to find ways of simplifying the human figure in ways that are easily understood and easy to recreate. Focus will include shoulders, head, neck, back, torso regions and arms. Full body sculpture focus and lower body will be addressed and studied in the 2nd portion of your anatomy training. During the second half of your anatomy training, you will be learning key fundamentals of tying in the upper body to the lower extremities and how it will affect your full form. You will learn about the key fundamentals of recreating believable and fully functioning anatomy.


Course Format:   Standard
Lecture Type:   Pre-recorded
Feedback:   Individual recordings
Duration:   10 weeks
Assignment:   Deadlines each week
Q&A:   Once a week
Materials:   Zbrush recommended, or Mudbox or equivalent sculpting software
Skills level:   Intermediate
Prerequisites:   Knowledge of ZBrush and digital sculpting strongly recommended; course pre-reqs include Intro to Production Modeling

Anatomy for Production WHAT YOU’LL LEARN

What you'll learn

The more you know, the better.

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Knowing the basic mechanics of the body and how muscle, tendon, and bone work together
Understanding proportions and blocking in anatomy
Familiarize with different body types
Learn to sculpt believably
Familiarize with the anatomy of the pelvis
Distinguish, analyze, and sculpt the anatomy of the leg
Learn the subtleties of how bone, tendon, and muscle work together in the foot
Review all parts of the human body into a cohesive well functioning biological machine
Final project: finish the male t-pose sculpt and start a speed sculpt |Optional: complete a female posed sculpt too

Taking your skills to the next level

Lectures by Christian Bull

Christian Bull is a freelance character and creature sculptor and concept artist who studied at Bournemouth University and Florence Academy of Art, currently working at Double Negative. His credits include Man of Steel, Captain Phillips, Total Recall, John Carter, and V for Vendetta.


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