Robert St Pierre

Robert St Pierre

Production Designer


Dedicated in preparing the next generation of artists.

For over 22 years Robert has worked as a Production Designer, Vis. Dev. Artist and an Environment Designer. Robert has worked for Disney Feature Animation, Direct to Home Video and Television divisions, Warner Brothers Feature Animation and Video division, Focus Films and many more. His credits include Production Designer on “Mulan 2”, “Lady and the Tramp 2”, Background Layout Artist on Disney’s “Winnie The Pooh”, “Princess & The Frog”, television series, including “Sofia The First” and “Phineas & Ferb”. He has also lectured at the Disney Studios, and is currently an Assistant Professor at CSU Northridge.

Bill Robinson
  • Alice Thornburgh

    Robert was very passionate and encouraging about the subject, which was great!

  • Keila Nott

    The teacher was tough but fair and he pushed our boundaries.

  • Maria Bazhanova

    Robert was amazing—very personal and objective and the same time, gave positive feedback which was inspirational but at the same time gave constructive feedback on how to improve. Would love to take some other course with him.

  • Zachary Clarkson

    Robert was an amazing, delightful, and insightful instructor.

  • Anna Chen

    Robert was awesome—he took the time to answer my questions and do demonstrations in my assignment feedback.

  • Jaylynn Cuevas

    Robert treated each of us like professionals which is something I really appreciated. His experience and ability to constructively give criticism was thoroughly appreciated.