Rey Bustos

Rey Bustos

Illustrator and Instructor


Passionately encourages students to understand the human figure.

Rey Bustos teaches anatomy through ecorche’ and life drawing at his Alma Mater The Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art, California State University at Los Angeles and at Disney Feature Animation. He also has a private teaching business “Go For Baroque” where he teaches art to kids(of all ages) at their home. He recently finished publishing his own anatomy book, “Rey’s Anatomy” by Design Studio Press, available through his website. In his spare time he prepares for his classes and has a sandwich.

Bill Robinson
  • Barbara Hvidt

    He has such an unfathomable enthusiasm for anatomy and for passing on his knowledge.

  • Cody Rose

    Very well versed in human anatomy, and the art of teaching and conveying clearly multiple ideas and / or concepts to other people. Also, very interested in making sure their students understand clearly the knowledge they make so much effort to offer.

  • Khadeeja Jamaal

    The best teacher I have ever had. The effort he puts is inspiring. I feel like he really has made a massive difference to my learning. I understand so much more. so good!

  • Daria Gonzalez

    Mr Rey is a great instructor — thoughtful, passionate about his craft, caring about his students and extremely knowledgeable.

  • Laurel Van Patten

    Mr. Rey was great!