Tyler Edlin

Tyler Edlin

Concept Artist and Illustrator


Has an overwhelming passion for creating epic worlds.

Tyler Edlin is traditionally trained with a Bachelor of fine arts and certificate of illustration from The Art institute of Boston. Notably he has worked many indie projects like Fall From Heaven and the Therion Saga to the larger productions of Tinkerbells Fairies from Disney Interactive and Chivalry: Medieval Warefare from TornBanner studios. Tyler has worked with studios including Disney Interactive, Hitpoint Studios, Studio Virty’s, Fantasy Flight, Paizo Publishing, StarDock Industries, Tornbanner Studios, and Activision.

Bill Robinson
  • Dominique Paynter

    Very friendly and encouraging, Tyler provided really detailed feedback on most of my assignments and I really appreciated that. He also has a great sense of humor!

  • William Ang

    Awesome instructor, I like how he shows enthusiasm in teaching and the content of the lecture is awesome.

  • Laurent Sewell

    Tyler was an awesome teacher and very involved with the learning of his students. He left great feedback and inspired the class as a whole with the techniques he shared and his really great demonstrations. His lectures were well prepared and his Q&A sessions were very entertaining, insightful, and also very well prepared. Not only did Tyler do a great job with his art and concepts, he was an exemplary teacher due to his attention to students and preparedness in lectures.

  • Arthur Hargrave

    Very clear and very informative. A lot of information to study from.

  • Sarah Lewski

    He’s a great instructor and the class was really great. I hope I can keep improving from his feedback.

  • Javier Lopez

    Tyler is a great and engaging instructor. His passion for the subject and teaching really comes through.

  • Xuan-Xabier Huynh

    Tyler showed genuine interest in the student’s work during the feedback and Q&As: he always goes the extra mile to help us with long and detailed critiques, making sure to address all of our points. The lectures were very informative and presented the class materials well.

  • Aromie Kim

    Patient and considerate, Tyler did an amazing job at letting me realize my mistakes and using them as steps to better understanding. His feedback made me want to improve and I was inspired to redo my past assignments while doing the one that would be due. All in all, a fantastic instructor whose lessons I’ll remember!

  • Shaun Russel

    I think Tyler is an amazing instructor. He often does extra work to help students understand the course objectives. For example, He provides the opportunity for additional feedback to our assignments in the WIP forum and even has taken the time to create additional feedback videos for work submitted in this forum.

  • Joshua Moya

    Tyler did a fantastic job breaking down the elements of design very clearly.

  • Elvira Mikhralieva

    Tyler is one of the best instructors I have ever studied with. He was super encouraging and very helpful. He answered every single question we had and provided wonderful feedbacks for our assignments that helped with getting better not just at fundamentals of design, but also at drawing, painting, and being a professional in general. If I was rating based on the scale from 1 to 10, I would give Tyler an 11.