Timothy Stam

Timothy Stam

FX Technical Director


Elevating VFX

Timothy is currently a Lead FX TD at MISC Studios in London, having worked at Goodbye Kansas, Framestore, MPC, Electric Theatre Collective, and at Double Negative before. Timothy has worked on the cities for the Yorktown sequence for Star Trek: Beyond, did a variety of
FX on Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Birds of Paradise, and more recently worked on streaming/TV series such as Locke and Key, Vigil, The Rig, Cursed, Jack Ryan and more, and has worked on a number of commercials projects, both doing FX and building procedural modelling tools, for clients like Honda, Seat, Dyson, Argos and others. He studied digital effects at Bournemouth University and game art at the Utrecht School of Art and Technology.

Timothy has been teaching in various capacities, most recently at Anomalia (Czechia), at Pluralsight (City Generation with Python in Houdini), as Houdini tutor for MOPA (Arles, France) and has also done a number of Master Classes, for Bournemouth University and Staffordshire University.

Bill Robinson
  • Carlos Puccio

    Timothy always shows his passion as an FX artist and TD, in the Q&I and reviews he was searching what were our goals as artists for supporting and helping us to enhance that skill.