Miguel Iglesias

Miguel Iglesias

Senior Concept Artist / Illustrator


Miguel Iglesias is a senior concept artist and illustrator for AAA games, films, and development of new IPs with more than 15 years of professional experience. Some of the titles he has worked on include The Division, The Division 2, FarCry 3 , World in Conflict. Now he works as a freelance artist for clients such as Ubisoft, Games Workshop, and Focus Interactive, to name a few.

  • Pam Miller

    Miguel is amazing, both as an artist and a compassionate instructor. Thank you so much for your insight and support!

  • Lucas Örström

    Very helpful, and could motivate students whilst giving very much needed feedback to keep the learning a fun experience!

  • Anna Berentsen

    Miguel did an absolutely fantastic job. Very intelligent and well spoken. A lot of artists have incredible skills but aren’t able to articulate themselves in a way that makes them good teachers- but Miguel was great at both.

  • Anna Orlova

    This course is highly conceptual and very well structured. It’s not an easy material but it is explained very clearly. Also, I loved the artistic freedom we had in our assignments, it’s super inspiring!

  • Lucia Chuang

    Miguel is an amazing teacher, with a lot of knowledge, very professional and helpful.