Sang Jun Lee

Sang Jun Lee

Lead Character Designer


Sang Jun Lee received his BFA in Illustration at the Academy of Art University in California. After graduating, he continued to explore his imagination by specializing in creating style of visual look of character, creature design and Illustration for live action film, feature Animation, commercial and game studios. His clients have included Industrial Light & Magic, Lucas Film, Blue Sky Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment, and Electronic Arts. His film credits include Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars Episode III, Men in Black II, Hulk, War of the Worlds, Dr Seuss’ “Horton hears a who”, Rio, Epic, Rio 2, The Peanuts Movie, and Blue Sky’s 2017 feature film release, “Ferdinand”.

Bill Robinson
  • Ellie Crane

    He’s been very informative and was accommodating. Easy to follow, solid feedback and lectures made me think outside of the box.

  • Brendan Loscar

    He was always very encouraging but also offered great draw-overs showing potential for growth.

  • Rosana Iarusso

    I was very happy how my work came out with the guidance I received! He was so helpful and was kind enough to put in his time to giving amazing and caring feedback. His enthusiasm in his feedbacks helped be feel like I could accomplish anything!

  • Amber Kenneson

    Sang Jun Lee is an excellent instructor and mentor! He provided individual attention to each one of us according to what we needed–not only in our class assignments, but in our portfolios and overall body of work. He challenged each of us to push out of our comfort zones and take our work to the next level–and it was amazing!