Andres Obelmejias

Andres Obelmejias



I took an interest in animation during my middle school days when I first dabbled into 2D animation, falling in love with the craft and making tons of 2D work. Until then in Highschool, I dove into programs such as Maya, Unreal Development Kit, and Editing software. Eventually, I was given the opportunity to leave Venezuela and study Computer Animation in the US. During that time, I met my mentors whom I still keep close/work together with today, as well as improving heavily on my craft. Thanks to those mentors, I was given my first opportunity to work on professional VFX projects, games, and even Japanese commercials/animated shows.


It all began to get serious when I jumped into a VFX startup alongside a team of ILM veterans and Industry professionals from around the world. After this experience, I got my first official AAA gig to work as a previz artist and Animator in Frame Machine where I worked mainly on Mortal Kombat 11 and a couple of other game/film projects. From there, I moved on to Halon Entertainment where I worked on a VFX film and game trailers, immediately after I was hired by Naughty Dog to work on The Last of Us Part 2. I frequently jump back to startups and try out new things while doing Freelance animation on the side, and now I wish to share some of the knowledge and experiences I learned along the way with up and coming 3D animators and even learn new things from doing so.

Bill Robinson
  • Karolina Kositorny

    I am now able to create my own animation shorts and also have a better understanding of the graph editor, modeling, camera work and how to keep my work organized. Not only that, this course also enabled me to showcase my creativity given that each assignments were open to interpretation and ideas

  • Roel Kok

    Andres has a great energy. Definitely made me (more) excited for animating in Maya… I wish I could take another course with him.

  • Valentina

    Andres give so much more than just information, he explains how it works, he opens new vision on to how it works in industry, how we can break rules and create something what you will believe in. I’m so excited!