Hueala Teodor

Hueala Teodor

Concept Artist and Illustrator


Crafting distinctive and stunning designs

Hue started his career early, worked in mobile games and then moved towards AAA games. He participated on titles such as: Watchdogs 2, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Watchdogs Legion, Sonic the Hedgehog , Apex Legends,League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Fortnite and many more other projects. His experience across the board consists in concept art, visual development, world development and design. He currently runs a small outsource studio called Snowylizard which works with various studios around the world.

Bill Robinson
  • Jared Lipscomb

    He has a way of knowing how to break down complex material for individuals of any level to understand.

  • Britton Snyder

    GREAT instructor. I got exactly what I wanted from the course and feel fortunate to have had someone with the experience Hue has as a teacher.

  • Gosia Kmiec

    Definitely a lot of knowledge regarding design, the feedback was very useful and I’ve got to know a lot of good tips for my future work.

  • Ula Tomczuk

    Very good instructor. His feedback was always very clear and critical. The Q&As were always interesting and the instructor was always very engaged in them, giving answers to long or hard questions and staying after time of the session to answer everyone.