Michael Morris

Michael Morris

Matte Painter/Set Extension Artist


Michael is currently working as a Matte Painter/Set Extension Artist at Walt Disney Animation Studio. Originally born and raised in Seattle, he moved to the greater Los Angeles area and began his career at DNEG LA. In the past few years he has worked as a concept artist/matte painter for numerous clients including, The Jim Henson Company, Silver Pictures, HBO, among others.

  • Brittney Seekings

    He was always supportive and gave great feedback to help me improve my skills and developing a better eye to notice those mistakes.

  • Elena Hartley

    I really appreciate how Michael turned each Q & A into another mini lecture. He gave a lot of great tips that he uses.

  • Loup Loyen

    Michael’s enthusiasm is contagious, and I couldn’t dream of a more approachable teacher. He is always friendly, very clear in his explanations and advices, and encourages us to reach out for help if needed. Favorite teacher so far!