Shane Canning

Shane Canning

Level Designer


Shane Canning is a veteran Level Designer at Square Enix and has been working in the game industry for twelve years. He spent 8 years at Disney Interactive where he had the opportunity to help create Disney Infinity and shipped 7 titles during his time there. Afterwards, he spent years on Marvel’s Spider-Man where one of his levels was used for the Sony showcase at E3 2018. (The Raft) He is known for his exciting layouts and set pieces. Shane decided to tackle his next challenge, landing in Japan, and is now helping Square Enix on an unannounced project.

  • Michael Smith

    Shane was fantastic, a great instructor and extremely helpful answer questions and just about anything level design related.

  • Tristan Angeles

    Shane was a great instructor. He really did a great job explaining things about level design that wasn’t tackled in the lectures. Also really gave lots of practical tips.