Allen Simpson

Allen Simpson

Performance Analyst & Visual Consultant


"Every choice you make is an opportunity to tell story."

Allen Simpson is an acting coach and visual consultant for film, television and video games. He’s currently working for DreamWorks as a consultant on the animated film The Bad Guys (2021). In addition to consulting and coaching, Allen is also a composer and songwriter. He’s written songs and voice-directed for The Simpsons and voice-directed for Telltale Games’ Game of Thrones and more. Allen has worked with Pixar, DreamWorks, Blue Sky, Disney, The Third Floor, Cinesite, Telltale Games, CTN, LAAFA, Chapman University, The Animation Collaborative, California College of the Arts and more.

  • William Osolinsky Vincent

    Allen was kind, patient, and made the class safe for everyone to experiment with something that takes some courage to do.

  • Freddy Soe Nyunt

    Allen is an amazing instructor. He is very involved and very present with his students. His lectures are also very informative, with the multiple examples that he shares with the students.