Taylor Brown

Art Production Coordinator


Taylor is the Art Production Coordinator at Dekogon Studios. His role varies in duties, from team art lead to working on online sales, so he wears a lot of hats. In his art he focuses on environment and prop work as well as quality assurance. He’s worked across a wide variety of titles, styles and platforms.

Bill Robinson
  • Beti Madrakiewicz

    …with a help of Tylor I managed to kearn the basics of modeling in Maya, Uv mapping, substance painting texturing, baking in Marmoset and basics in unreal engine. All these things were completly new to me!

  • Jacob Fragoso

    Taylor’s individual feedback and answered questions were incredibly helpful. You could tell that he went the extra mile to provide meaningful and honest feedback to help make our projects the most successful they could be.

  • Beti Madrakiewicz

    Taylor is brilliant teacher. Thanks to him I did not give up. He s very patient and explains everything. Always provides with additional materials and inspirations