Naky Solanki

Naky Solanki

Lead Character Artist


Nakshatra a.k.a. Naky, started as freelance artist making collectibles when he was 17. Soon after, he got his first on site job at the age of 19 at Little Red Zombies where he became Character Artist for games. Today after industry experience of over 6 years he has worked on almost every title at LRZ like Sniper 3, Strange Brigade, Overkill’s The Walking Dead, CONTROL, Ghost of Tsushima etc. During his professional career he also developed a taste for creating real time hair. Today after going through several iterations, he has come up with a pipeline that yields high quality and optimal real time hair results. This has been noticed by several AAA clients among the game industry and he is working with handful of them. Using mixture of traditional and modern techniques has benefited the overall department of real time alpha card hairs. He is also working on pushing hair creation for Next-generation games!

Bill Robinson
  • Ben Donley

    Naky is a very passionate teacher whos helped me really understand the process and build confidence for my future of hair card placement

  • Diego Aguilar

    Hair creation has been a breeze with Naky’s teachings, it makes sense, it’s easier to approach and I’m more eager to find new methods on a task that I used to avoid before this course.

  • Khaldoun Jreisat Elias

    He simplify a very hard and complicated subject (Hair for games) and makes it easy to understand and to apply, Amazing job by the instructor!

  • Nicolas Rosenthal

    Very skilled at what he does which not only shows in the end result but also in how he approaches things. Very professional