Andy Le Cocq

Andy Le Cocq

Senior Animator


Andy is a French artist, currently Senior Animator at Framestore Montréal, he worked for nearly a decade as a character / creature animator in studios such as MPC, ILM, Framestore London and Base FX Kuala Lumpur.
He started his career in London (UK) working in commercials / previsualisation and Music videos and then moved on to the Vfx industry. His credits include : Star Wars Episode 8, Jurassic world: The Fallen Kingdom, Lion King, The Mandalorian and most recently His Dark Materials Season 2.
Art, Films and Video games enthusiast and constantly evolving as an artist through all these years , Andy is eager to share his knowledge and help you grow in your animation journey.

  • Sian

    I think Andy’s lectures were really outstanding. He clearly explained all of the principles of animation and demonstrated them with clear and appealing examples. Well done!

  • Sian

    Andy is a fantastic instructor! He has such a good eye for animation and can spot the tiniest details in our animations even from weird angles. He is funny and helpful. Really appreciate all of his help!

  • Davin

    Great teacher, interesting course with funny touch! Really enjoyed this course