Shaun Healey

Shaun Healey

Lead Character Artist


Shaun Healey has been a concept artist and illustrator in the game industry since 2008, having worked worldwide with gaming studios such as Rovio Ltd, Mojang Studios, 5 Ants and Spidermonk Entertainment, as well as freelance with other media and comic companies UDON, Tokyopop, and Hasbro. Now the lead character artist of Wayforward Technologies, he utilizes a background in comics, storyboarding and animation to bring creative concepts to life. Though versed in digital painting and effects, his specialization is in traditional, hand-drawn linework blended with digital color.

Bill Robinson
  • Ana Liuba

    The course helped me to improve my artistic skills because I received that one to one constructive criticism. I feel that Shaun saw things which I was unable to see myself in my art

  • Rosanna Rann

    Shaun was brilliant! Always opened up my feedback feeling like I was about be uplifted, but you also knew all the critique to push you further would be in there. I like when someone can point out everything that needs changing in such a positive way.

  • Peter Unitt

    Very personal and always had a great mood and good constructive critiques which is hard to come by. This helps students learn very well when listened.