Jay Machado

Jay Machado

Senior Hard Surface Modeler and Texture Painter


"Don't ever do what you think people want from you, do what you love to do."

Jay is a Model Supervisor at Industrial Light and Magic, specializing in hard surface modeling, texture painting and look development; he has worked at ILM for 7 years, and has 9 years of experience as a modeler. His credits include The Mandalorian, Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, Rogue One, Star Wars: the Force Awakens, and Transformers: Age of Extinction. In addition to his work on feature films, Jay has worked on music videos, commercials, AAA games, and amusement park rides. He is also exploring physically based rendering, VR, game development, and 3D printing outside of work.

Bill Robinson
  • Andreas Kjær-Jensen

    Jay was a very pleasant and informative instructor. I would recommend his class to anyone interested in Hard Surface modeling.

  • Olaf Przybyszewski

    Very good, strong learning skill, very helpful all the time.

  • Jordi Cortés

    Great teacher and awesome professional. Could end up learning a lot more than on my 2 year degree.

  • Nikolay Steng

    His extended effort to show additional examples and methods both in the forums and in the Q&As deserves a round of applause! Describes and explains everything very well, and is easily understandable.