Louis Manjarres

Louis Manjarres

Lead FX Technical Director


After 4 years in Paris working on commercials and video games in some of the biggest companies in the world like Ubisoft, I moved to the universe of VFX in London, then Vancouver.
I worked at Dneg for over 6 years, learning from the best, and working on multiple Marvel films, Disney films, blade runner 2049, Terminator Genesis, Pacific Rim 2, Greyhound, and Godzilla king of monsters. I now lead a team of fx artists at Sony Imageworks and do research and development on the more challenging effects that require a fair bit of expertise in Houdini.

My experience as a professional and as a teacher has given me a great understanding of Houdini and how to work simply, fast and efficiently, which I try to pass on to the new generations of artists.

Bill Robinson