Mariam Ferrer

Mariam Ferrer

Creature Modeler


Mariam is a Spanish 3D artist with a strong focus on creatures and characters. Always interested in nature, biology and medicine, as a kid she always wanted to become a doctor, but her artistic itch took over and she decided to take a turn towards a more creative industry. Mariam studied Audiovisual Communication and Animation & Game in Uni (Spain and Germany), but also often studied on her own. Once she finished her studies, she put together a portfolio, applied to a few companies and got a call from Framestore London. That’s where her career started, and became a modeler but was encouraged to texture too to keep broadening her skillset. She then moved to Tokyo when the opportunity arose in a small studio called Megalis VFX. She carried on there as a modeling and texturing artist working her way up to become an Asset Supervisor, but at some point she started missing the creative work quite a bit. So after a while she moved back to Europe and was lucky enough to get an interview with Industrial Light & Magic in London, where she is currently a creature modeler to this day.

Bill Robinson