Foundation & Design Track

Courses tailored to provide a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of art and design

Courses start on October 1st, 2022


Realize the importance of Foundation & Design

As the world-renowned realist artist Ken Danby once noted- Without good drawing, the foundation of a painting will collapse. It’s a tenet that still holds true in the age of digital art, where the power afforded by modern design tools actually makes the need for a strong grounding in the rules of art and design more important than ever. Whatever your likely career path and desired endpoint in the field of entertainment design–be it in character design or environment design, visual effects, or another one of the many specialist 2D and 3D roles available–it is essential to gain a strong and balanced understanding of the fundamentals of good design, as well as the principles, techniques, and best practices that make up the bedrock of the entire industry.

As you complete each art fundamentals course, you will receive a certificate of completion for that course. In order to qualify for a course certificate of completion, students must complete at least 80% of the class assignment during the duration of the course.

Should you have any questions regarding these courses please contact [email protected]. Additionally, you only pay for the course(s) you take in a given term.

Realize the importance of Foundation & Design

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October 1st - December
22nd 2022
January 22nd- April
15th 2022
April 16th - July
8th 2022
July 9th - September
30th 2022

As you complete each course you will receive a certificate of completion for that course. In order to qualify for an in course certificate of completion, students must complete at least 80% of the class assignment during the duration of the course.

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Learn from award-winning artists who've worked at top studios around the world

  • Robert Lawrence

    Yves used examples of his personal work as well as other professional artists to help answer the class’s questions. I found it helpful to see how the pro’s approached those issues.

  • Mackenzie Mount

    Yves Yumol was incredibly thorough and generous with his time and very clear in his communications on the individual feedbacks. I would definitely take a class that he is in instructing in again.

  • Fabian Weise

    Best instructor of all time!!

  • John D'Aquino

    Yves was by far my favorite art teacher I’ve ever had. I’m not saying that lightly. I’ve learned more from him in these 8 weeks than I have from anyone else. He’s very attentive, easy to talk to. I can’t wait to take more courses with him in the future.

  • Mike Robinson

    Really great teacher. My first art lesson ever and I signed up for two more based on my time with Yves!!

  • Jerome Macapagal

    Very nice guy; always remembered the small things about us and our work.

  • Dennis Scurry

    He always has great advice on how to push assignments beyond what was assigned.

  • Allan Boulogne

    Poe is the best. He really cares about the students, and he will always go into further detail about his critiques if you need him to.

  • Britny Arnett

    He’s awesome and I learned so much.

  • Jerome Ekuban

    Poe Tan is an excellent instructor and always helpful.

  • Andrew Blevins

    A very good instructor who wants students to succeed.

  • Margareta Kho

    Poe really stimulates the students to do their best and push the students to get out of their comfort zones. Definitely the best teacher I’ve ever had.

  • Nick Fernandez

    Poe was great. He is one of the most knowledgeable teachers I have ever had, and his experience shows through and proves just that.

  • Sergio Wong

    Brought great energy and pushed us to the best of our ability!

  • Alice Thornburgh

    Robert was very passionate and encouraging about the subject, which was great!

  • Keila Nott

    The teacher was tough but fair and he pushed our boundaries.

  • Maria Bazhanova

    Robert was amazing—very personal and objective and the same time, gave positive feedback which was inspirational but at the same time gave constructive feedback on how to improve. Would love to take some other course with him.

  • Zachary Clarkson

    Robert was an amazing, delightful, and insightful instructor.

  • Anna Chen

    Robert was awesome—he took the time to answer my questions and do demonstrations in my assignment feedback.

  • Jaylynn Cuevas

    Robert treated each of us like professionals which is something I really appreciated. His experience and ability to constructively give criticism was thoroughly appreciated.

  • Taylor Scott

    I personally do NOT like drawing backgrounds or environments AT ALL and this instructor made learning this very informative and enjoyable.

  • Barbara Hvidt

    Dedicated and generous. Sympathetic and easy to talk to during the live QnA sessions. Very skilled and professional.

  • Julian Scalia

    Pat really made the course useful. He was always there to answer questions posted to the forum message board and gave very useful advice.

  • Azalil Aizat

    Fantastic job on homework feedback! I find that his comments and criticism constructive and easily understandable.

  • Alexandra Baker

    As a student of your Perspective class, I can only say one thing: your teaching style is great! I have autism and I’m only 18, and the way you teach is easy for me to follow. The way you explain the concepts shown in the class makes so much sense, and it helps me to take detailed notes of everything that’s talked about. It’s turned my sketchbook into equal parts sketchbook and notebook. Thank you for being such a great teacher.

  • Majid Shaheen

    Asa is an incredible teacher who really encouraged me to dig deep, try and experiment through out the course his feedback was practical and to the point, on top of that he would show even more examples of problem solving and different methods or techniques with the in depth q a. His methods of including games in of finding perspective not only breaks the ice in an online class setting but really is a fun quick engaging way of learning,I feel really lucky to have a mentor as professional and caring to help me improve, really cgma hes a beast, that made realise I made a great decision learning with cgma, i didnt expect to learn at such a rapid rate and enjoy the process as much as I do. I hope there are more classes soon with Asa.

  • Rebecca Prout

    Really enjoyed the classes and Asa structured the Q&As really well to make the most of that time. Upbeat and a really great approach to constructive feedback – I felt really relaxed each week, knowing the feedback would be delivered promptly, the tone friendly and the advice really catch the points I was struggling with and point out further ways to push the work.

  • Aimee Lew

    Asa Enochs is an approachable and knowledgeable instructor who is structured and organized with his teaching style, always comes prepared in the Q&A, and gave constructive and useful feedback each week. I learned so much and would happily recommend him to any future students!

  • Sarah Silva

    Mr. Asa passion about teaching and sharing his knowledge to his students is outstanding. He gave clear feedback to homework that helped me in improving my work in the future.

  • Noora Makinen

    Critique was always on time. He explained things very clearly and made me see errors in my works that I wouldn’t have been able to spot on my own. He was always nice and encouraging with the feedback, even if there was some flaws and stuff to be fixed.