Foundation & Design Track

Courses tailored to provide a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of art and design

Courses start on April 16th, 2022


Realize the importance of Foundation & Design

As the world-renowned realist artist Ken Danby once noted- Without good drawing, the foundation of a painting will collapse. It’s a tenet that still holds true in the age of digital art, where the power afforded by modern design tools actually makes the need for a strong grounding in the rules of art and design more important than ever. Whatever your likely career path and desired endpoint in the field of entertainment design–be it in character design or environment design, visual effects, or another one of the many specialist 2D and 3D roles available–it is essential to gain a strong and balanced understanding of the fundamentals of good design, as well as the principles, techniques, and best practices that make up the bedrock of the entire industry.

As you complete each art fundamentals course, you will receive a certificate of completion for that course. In order to qualify for a course certificate of completion, students must complete at least 80% of the class assignment during the duration of the course.

Should you have any questions regarding these courses please contact Additionally, you only pay for the course(s) you take in a given term.


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October 1st - December
22nd 2021
January 22nd- April
15th 2022
April 16th - July
8th 2022
July 9th - September
30th 2022

As you complete each course you will receive a certificate of completion for that course. In order to qualify for an in course certificate of completion, students must complete at least 80% of the class assignment during the duration of the course.

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Learn from award-winning artists who've worked at top studios around the world

  • Robert Lawrence

    Yves used examples of his personal work as well as other professional artists to help answer the class’s questions. I found it helpful to see how the pro’s approached those issues.

  • Mackenzie Mount

    Yves Yumol was incredibly thorough and generous with his time and very clear in his communications on the individual feedbacks. I would definitely take a class that he is in instructing in again.

  • Fabian Weise

    Best instructor of all time!!

  • John D'Aquino

    Yves was by far my favorite art teacher I’ve ever had. I’m not saying that lightly. I’ve learned more from him in these 8 weeks than I have from anyone else. He’s very attentive, easy to talk to. I can’t wait to take more courses with him in the future.

  • Mike Robinson

    Really great teacher. My first art lesson ever and I signed up for two more based on my time with Yves!!

  • Jerome Macapagal

    Very nice guy; always remembered the small things about us and our work.

  • Dennis Scurry

    He always has great advice on how to push assignments beyond what was assigned.

  • Allan Boulogne

    Poe is the best. He really cares about the students, and he will always go into further detail about his critiques if you need him to.

  • Britny Arnett

    He’s awesome and I learned so much.

  • Jerome Ekuban

    Poe Tan is an excellent instructor and always helpful.

  • Andrew Blevins

    A very good instructor who wants students to succeed.

  • Margareta Kho

    Poe really stimulates the students to do their best and push the students to get out of their comfort zones. Definitely the best teacher I’ve ever had.

  • Nick Fernandez

    Poe was great. He is one of the most knowledgeable teachers I have ever had, and his experience shows through and proves just that.

  • Sergio Wong

    Brought great energy and pushed us to the best of our ability!

  • Bavanya Chahat

    One of the best instructor for perspective and his doubt clearing sessions are really great and so much effective.

  • Majid Shaheen

    Asa is an incredible teacher who really encouraged me to dig deep, try and experiment through out the course his feedback was practical and to the point, on top of that he would show even more examples of problem solving and different methods or techniques with the in depth q a. His methods of including games in of finding perspective not only breaks the ice in an online class setting but really is a fun quick engaging way of learning,I feel really lucky to have a mentor as professional and caring to help me improve, really cgma hes a beast, that made realise I made a great decision learning with cgma, i didnt expect to learn at such a rapid rate and enjoy the process as much as I do. I hope there are more classes soon with Asa.

  • Rebecca Prout

    Really enjoyed the classes and Asa structured the Q&As really well to make the most of that time. Upbeat and a really great approach to constructive feedback – I felt really relaxed each week, knowing the feedback would be delivered promptly, the tone friendly and the advice really catch the points I was struggling with and point out further ways to push the work.

  • Aimee Lew

    Asa Enochs is an approachable and knowledgeable instructor who is structured and organized with his teaching style, always comes prepared in the Q&A, and gave constructive and useful feedback each week. I learned so much and would happily recommend him to any future students!

  • Sarah Silva

    Mr. Asa passion about teaching and sharing his knowledge to his students is outstanding. He gave clear feedback to homework that helped me in improving my work in the future.

  • Noora Makinen

    Critique was always on time. He explained things very clearly and made me see errors in my works that I wouldn’t have been able to spot on my own. He was always nice and encouraging with the feedback, even if there was some flaws and stuff to be fixed.

  • Hilary Lile Hazel

    Scott gives great critiques and went over more technical perspective issues case-by-case in the assignments and Q&As.

  • Cody Rose

    Very knowledgeable about the content taught within the class. Great at clearly conveying ideas and concepts to the students.

  • Camilo Espitia

    Scott is a great teacher, he shows that he really cares about his students. It’s been an honor to get weekly reviews from such a talented person.

  • Camille Tugade

    He goes above and beyond for the convenience of his students, and he truly cares about their development during the term.

  • Mika Tanagi

    Really nice guy. His critique videos were always double the length of the videos in my other CGMA classes because he goes for quite a while on certain aspects of my assignment and the perspective, which is what I wanted to hear. It was awesome getting feedback from him!

  • Daniel Kennedy

    I really liked that Patrick took the time to provide meaningful, helpful, quality feedback on my homework.

  • Aleksandra Szwejk

    Patrick Ballesteros is a brilliant teacher who can encourage students in a professional and friendly way. He is very open and always ready to help.

  • Joseph Strandridge

    Fantastic teacher. I really, really enjoyed learning from him. Very clear and patient. Really felt like there was an invested interest in my work.

  • Cody Rose

    Great at clearly conveying ideas and concepts to the students, even without direct contact or interaction during the lectures.

  • Angie Avila

    It was great learning from Patrick. I feel confident on my path to becoming a better artist thanks to his encouragement and guidance.

  • Caleb Gibson

    I’m thoroughly pleased with the feedback and instruction Patrick offered. Every once in a while, I’d check out his feedback to other students. He doesn’t give out canned and generalized feedback. He seems to be aware of where each student is developmentally, and offers critiques that are most useful to them. This was money well spent. You da man, Pat!

  • Jake Bender

    I think Patrick does a great job with this course. Even though he has taught this extensively, his enthusiasm for the course and our success was present in every Q&A. As this was my first course with CGMA, I did not know what to expect, but if Patrick represents the caliber of instructors at CGMA I look forward to my next course.

  • Brandon Cruz

    Mr. Ballesteros is a great instructor who consistently provides concise, meaningful feedback. I would recommend his course to anyone looking to improve his or her sketching ability.

  • Ka Yin Lee

    Patrick is an excellent instructor. He gives clear instructions and feedback. Everything he pointed out during the feedback was valuable. He has been very inspiring throughout the course. I really enjoyed his class and has learned a lot from it.

  • Stuart Ayre

    I’ve been taught by many art teachers, and I can say with sincerity that Dzu is a good teacher. Here are three things I liked about Dzu as a teacher: 1) he treats each student in the same manner—in other words, no matter what level you are at, he cares for the student and also doesn’t seem to favour particular students. 2) His advice is concise and practical. 3) He can walk the walk—in other words he can demonstrate how to create great art.

  • Tim Hoh

    One of the best I have ever had. Very knowledgeable and knows how to stimulate thought and creativity in students.

  • James Pickard

    Great instructor, really challenged me to do more and explore my designs more.

  • Allan Boulogne

    Dzu is an awesome guy and a great instructor. He gave some really good insight into how the industry works and how he got his foot in the door. I really wish I had gotten more than 8 weeks to be in his class. Really happy I was able to have Dzu as an instructor—I could talk to him all day.

  • Laurence Carew

    I’d like to really thank Dzu, I think he has been a great help and appreciate his feedback. A great artist I hope to follow in the footsteps of one day!

  • Scott Wood

    I just wanted to say that I really appreciated all the time and help Dzu gave us. I learned quite a bit from him.

  • Lawrence Muller

    Dzu Ngyuen is a straight forward, down-to-earth guy. He did his best at answering questions and gave substantial answers to said questions. He is a very good instructor!

  • Sheryl Soong

    I was pretty paralyzed before taking this class. But I learned a lot and now I feel way more comfortable with approaching environments, even with things outside my visual library.

  • Paula Engelbrecht

    He is very skilled at explaining both the fundamental concepts that underpin storyboarding and how he thinks and problem solves when he creates storyboards. Lanny is very open and generous in sharing his knowledge about the storyboarding industry with his students.

  • Barbara Hvidt

    He has such an unfathomable enthusiasm for anatomy and for passing on his knowledge.

  • Cody Rose

    Very well versed in human anatomy, and the art of teaching and conveying clearly multiple ideas and / or concepts to other people. Also, very interested in making sure their students understand clearly the knowledge they make so much effort to offer.

  • Khadeeja Jamaal

    The best teacher I have ever had. The effort he puts is inspiring. I feel like he really has made a massive difference to my learning. I understand so much more. so good!

  • Daria Gonzalez

    Mr Rey is a great instructor — thoughtful, passionate about his craft, caring about his students and extremely knowledgeable.

  • Laurel Van Patten

    Mr. Rey was great!

  • Paulina Ryguer

    Ron Lemen is an excellent teacher—very communicative and invested in his students’ improvement. Ron’s Q&A sessions were always informative and enjoyable. He encouraged discussions and answered students’ questions in-depth.

  • Makoto Yuan

    Ron definitely showed that he cares about student progress and gave some amazing advice about anatomy drawing, and also about growth as an artist in general.

  • Rodrigo Gay

    I truly was impressed by his skill. He dragged us from simplicity to complexity using a very simple method. I really liked the class. BRAVO!

  • Antonio Díaz

    I have been trying to learn anatomy by myself for some time now, and I feel that this course has helped me to finally grasp a lot about anatomy! Everything finally made sense!

  • Mei-li Liezl Buenaventura

    Really impressed with Ron and happy I took the class with him. I am definitely a better artist now than I was six weeks ago, and as someone who already has a BFA (and has taken many many figure drawing classes in the past), I was really happy that Ron was teaching such a technical way of approaching the subject matter. In our first lesson he mentioned gesture drawing and how frustrating he found it to be as it did not yield a usable mannequin, and as someone who learned the “old way”, I can definitely agree. Really, really useful class, taught by a great artist!

  • John Waggoner

    A great teacher, Ron was able to be stern in his critiques while never seeming hostile or combative. I always felt that my improvement was his first priority.

  • Nikhil Arora

    Ron is a tremendous source of information. He really knows his stuff, and he gives good critiques. Also special commendation for getting all the feedback videos in before the Q&As.

  • Massiel Valenzuela-Castaneda

    Ron was great! His examples are easy to understand and he’s probably the best art instructor I have ever had!

  • Nick Fernandez

    Ron’s knowledge on anatomy is exponential, and I felt like I could ask him anything regarding how to draw the figure.

  • Alexandra Baker

    Mr. Nacorda was so understanding when I explained that I have autism and need things explained directly. He adjusted his feedback for the videos and helped me to understand more.

  • Ulina Small

    He is a very personable guy—his spirit makes learning this content fun. He is good at not only finding the students faults, but also remembering to point out the things the student has done well.

  • Zahra Hasan

    Christian Nacorda is the best instructor I’ve ever met. He teaches his students with passion and he truly transfers this passion to students through his lectures. He is such a good supporter of amateurs. I was always afraid of drawing Anatomy but Christian made it so easy to learn. I am very pleased to had this opportunity to be his student.

  • Amy Chen

    He has a great personality that shines through in the lectures. His lectures are always funny, interesting, and informative. I enjoyed watching all of the videos and participating in the live Q&As.

  • Jonah Warnock

    Really good at explaining difficult concepts and was really nice to everyone.

  • Guido Lenzi

    Just a great guy, he really pushed me forward.

  • Jonathan Valdez

    I cannot say enough about Patrick’s ability to communicate his process. Patrick was extremely helpful to everyone during the Q&A and took his time with every single critique. I consider Patrick one if not the best teacher I had the pleasure of studying under. He is a true master of anatomy and I cannot recommend his class enough. I hope to one day have the opportunity to study under him again.

  • Nancy Vw

    One of the best instructors I have ever had. My artwork improved considerably during this course, as did my understanding of the figure. The instructor is extremely sincere, and encouraging while having high expectations for excellence. I wish that he were teaching more courses. I would take them all.

  • Sean Guzman

    Great job, especially considering it was the first class Patrick taught on the CGMA platform.

  • Marcellino Tan

    All of the instructors should be like him!

  • Joshua Moya

    Patrick has opened the world of traditional art to me. And I am forever great full. His passion for his work resonates clearly in his lectures and QA sessions. He really makes it feel like a world I want to be part of. I will continue to work in charcoal and sanguine long after this class. Thank you Patrick.

  • Liberty Johse

    I learned so much in this class. Patrick is a fantastic teacher, artist, and person. He truly cares about art and the well-being of his students, like a drawing art-dad!

  • Dominique Paynter

    Very friendly and encouraging, Tyler provided really detailed feedback on most of my assignments and I really appreciated that. He also has a great sense of humor!

  • William Ang

    Awesome instructor, I like how he shows enthusiasm in teaching and the content of the lecture is awesome.

  • Laurent Sewell

    Tyler was an awesome teacher and very involved with the learning of his students. He left great feedback and inspired the class as a whole with the techniques he shared and his really great demonstrations. His lectures were well prepared and his Q&A sessions were very entertaining, insightful, and also very well prepared. Not only did Tyler do a great job with his art and concepts, he was an exemplary teacher due to his attention to students and preparedness in lectures.

  • Arthur Hargrave

    Very clear and very informative. A lot of information to study from.

  • Sarah Lewski

    He’s a great instructor and the class was really great. I hope I can keep improving from his feedback.

  • Javier Lopez

    Tyler is a great and engaging instructor. His passion for the subject and teaching really comes through.

  • Xuan-Xabier Huynh

    Tyler showed genuine interest in the student’s work during the feedback and Q&As: he always goes the extra mile to help us with long and detailed critiques, making sure to address all of our points. The lectures were very informative and presented the class materials well.

  • Aromie Kim

    Patient and considerate, Tyler did an amazing job at letting me realize my mistakes and using them as steps to better understanding. His feedback made me want to improve and I was inspired to redo my past assignments while doing the one that would be due. All in all, a fantastic instructor whose lessons I’ll remember!

  • Shaun Russel

    I think Tyler is an amazing instructor. He often does extra work to help students understand the course objectives. For example, He provides the opportunity for additional feedback to our assignments in the WIP forum and even has taken the time to create additional feedback videos for work submitted in this forum.

  • Joshua Moya

    Tyler did a fantastic job breaking down the elements of design very clearly.

  • Elvira Mikhralieva

    Tyler is one of the best instructors I have ever studied with. He was super encouraging and very helpful. He answered every single question we had and provided wonderful feedbacks for our assignments that helped with getting better not just at fundamentals of design, but also at drawing, painting, and being a professional in general. If I was rating based on the scale from 1 to 10, I would give Tyler an 11.

  • Sandra Schwartz

    Stefan is an amazing teacher! …He have a lot of patience for his students, and is happy to share from his experience in the industry.

  • Olesya Kolpakova

    Lane is amazing teacher and he made very deep and long feedbacks.

  • Andreas Jeppesen

    My instructor Lane Brown did an amazing job with the most thorough critique, I have ever seen.

  • Feras A

    I’m happy that Lane was my instructor for this course. I learnt a lot from his constructive feedback.

  • Josiah Moore

    Chris was great! I would take another class hosted by him any time.

  • Nora Garcia

    Chris Brock has been an outstanding teacher, providing great feedback and always answering emails or forum threads with helpful information.

  • Jess Robertson

    Chris is absolutely amazing. The course was tough but he made it easily understandable and where I can improve each week. He helped me fall in love with painting and I can’t thank him enough for that.

  • Salomey Doku

    Chris was a great instructor!

  • Sarah Yang

    Axel was great! His feedback was thorough, thoughtful, and encouraging. He was very knowledgeable and his passion for illustration was contagious. I would take another course with him in a heartbeat!

  • Sandra Schwartz

    In the feedback he always would paint over and explain the strengths in my work, and were I need to work more. At the QA he use to bring more examples for better understand the subject of the week.

  • Trung Le

    I love it whenever Anne shows her work, progress, thoughts, and techniques. I think that’s the single most valuable insight to be able to see how professional artists paint.

  • Danny Mooney

    Really enjoyed Anne’s Q&A and her sense of humor. She gave great feedback that helped us and it was never condescending—it always came from a place of encouragement.

  • Jessica Bommer

    Really thinks about suggestions for individual students to help them get to the next stage wherever they are. Never makes us feel stupid or lazy just because we’re not professionals yet!

  • Angie Ngie

    Anne went out of her way to provide me with extra content to help me out with many questions that I had. She really devotes the time and effort required, to make sure her students can learn as much as possible. I am very grateful to have had such a dedicated instructor.

  • Yusuf Ozuysal

    Anne was very resourceful and inspirational in all interactions. This was definitely a game-changing experience for me.

  • Sascha Sarkar

    Great introduction to painting in photoshop.

  • Sarah Rivera

    She’s great about answering questions! Even going so far as to create new videos if we all needed more instruction.

  • Jannes Lauwers

    She was always eager to find out what we wanted to know more about so she could incorporate it in her lessons.

  • Dennis Scarry

    I like how no matter the level of experience each student has the instructor always gave constructive criticism. They never tore anyone down.

  • Alida Kerimova

    What I liked about Peter is that he always gives constructive feedback, pointing out mistakes in a way that encourages further improvement. He inspired me to continue working on my drawing skills.

  • Tommi Kinturi

    Peter Han is an excellent teacher with a genuine interest in student development.

  • Didan Bay

    Great teacher, instructor. Not only that, also a good mentor. Very approachable. Very easy to digest every time he gives information. Very welcoming and encouraging a very high spirit of learning. Very passionate in what he’s doing, therefore spreading the passion also to students.

  • Kate Springfield

    The way that Peter adapts to the needs of each student and manages the time spent on various subjects according to needs and not just a fixed plan is just incredible. He also shares so much about his own methodology and experiences that we gain so much invaluable insight. Not only have I ‘learnt’ new things, but have ‘unlearnt’ my bad habits that were holding me back.

  • Scott Allen

    Outstanding. I was always aware of the principles and ideas I was supposed to exercise while working on the assignments, the explanations were clear and concise, and there was an incredible amount of fast, effective communication. There were no gray areas or vague, open-ended goals or standards. These are rare qualities in my art education experience to date.

  • Junard Paolo Basilio

    Mehreen is very effective as an instructor. She is very eloquent in the subject matter.

  • Jeff Larkin

    Sergio did a great job in covering a lot of bases with the software, and sharing tips specific to our needs as 2D artists, and his availabilty to answer questions was excellent.

  • Juan Pablo Roldan

    Really great course, all I was looking for, Sergio is a great instructor!

  • Saem Hasnain

    One of the best! Was very patient and helpful. Went above and beyond when we needed answers for specific problems.

  • Jeff Larkin

    Sergio spent a lot of time with us and did a great job, thankful to study with him.

  • Christopher Bradley

    Sergio is great! He is generous with his time and knowledge. He is always positive and happy to help.

  • Hasnain Jhfug Saem

    One of the best! Was very patient and helpful. Went above and beyond when we needed answers for specific problems.

  • Takahiro Goto

    [Maarten is] honest, encouraging, and just as excited about the subject as we are. The class often feels empowering as a result.

  • Anik Sikder

    Maarten is absolutely awesome as a teacher…. Always so accurate with his feedbacks and humorous in his class.

  • Sebastian Posada

    Mauricio was awesome! He really engaged with us and answered every question that was asked – pretty amazing!

  • James Pickard

    Really good mentorship and instruction from Mauricio.

  • Anouk Perusse-Bell

    The instructor is clearly passionate about his profession and he demonstrated his enthusiasm throughout the assignments. He always managed to bring the best points in any of the students’ work. Improving them but preserving the student’s initial idea.