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2D Character Design Track

For artists focused on a career in designing characters for film, games, and other entertainment industries

Courses start on July 10th, 2021

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October 3rd - December 12th 2020
January 23rd- April 16th 2021
April 17th - July 9th 2021
July 10th - October 1st 2021

As you complete each course you will receive a certificate of completion for that course. In order to qualify for an in course certificate of completion, students must complete at least 80% of the class assignment during the duration of the course.  

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Learn from award-winning artists who've worked at top studios around the world
Sandra Schwartz

Stefan is an amazing teacher! …He have a lot of patience for his students, and is happy to share from his experience in the industry.

Alexandra Baker

Mr. Nacorda was so understanding when I explained that I have autism and need things explained directly. He adjusted his feedback for the videos and helped me to understand more.

Ulina Small

He is a very personable guy—his spirit makes learning this content fun. He is good at not only finding the students faults, but also remembering to point out the things the student has done well.

Zahra Hasan

Christian Nacorda is the best instructor I’ve ever met. He teaches his students with passion and he truly transfers this passion to students through his lectures. He is such a good supporter of amateurs. I was always afraid of drawing Anatomy but Christian made it so easy to learn. I am very pleased to had this opportunity to be his student.

Amy Chen

He has a great personality that shines through in the lectures. His lectures are always funny, interesting, and informative. I enjoyed watching all of the videos and participating in the live Q&As.

Jonah Warnock

Really good at explaining difficult concepts and was really nice to everyone.

Seven Jones

Nate Wragg is easily one of the best instructors I’ve ever had. He seems like a truly caring human being and a top level instructor. I would give him a 20 on a scale of 1-10.

John Steventon

Nate Wragg continues to impress me with his knowledge of the material, and the skills he displayed in demos and in the Q&As! He really knows his stuff, and the fact that he is willing to share that knowledge with us is really great. He is also open and honest about the industry, and what we will face when we get there. Honestly, I feel honored to have studied with him, and hope to work with him in the future.

Lauren Chaikin

I genuinely feel like my skills are becoming competitive for the animation design job market thanks to Nate!

Melis Malatani

Great instructor. An online course can sometimes be very detached from the real experience of a classroom, however Nate really engaged us as students through his lectures and fast & useful critiques, which made the whole experience more effective and real.

Kate Dmitrieva

Nate is a great instructor with very professional approach. Many thanks for his thorough feedbacks and always being there to help.

Mary Highstreet

Fantastic class! Nate is a great teacher and an incredible resource, I’m so thankful for his dedication to teaching!!

Bukela Campbell

He is a perfect mentor and I really enjoyed the learning path with Nate Wragg. I learned so much and he is really motivating.

Paulina Ryguer

Ron Lemen is an excellent teacher—very communicative and invested in his students’ improvement. Ron’s Q&A sessions were always informative and enjoyable. He encouraged discussions and answered students’ questions in-depth.

Makoto Yuan

Ron definitely showed that he cares about student progress and gave some amazing advice about anatomy drawing, and also about growth as an artist in general.

Rodrigo Gay

I truly was impressed by his skill. He dragged us from simplicity to complexity using a very simple method. I really liked the class. BRAVO!

Antonio Díaz

I have been trying to learn anatomy by myself for some time now, and I feel that this course has helped me to finally grasp a lot about anatomy! Everything finally made sense!

Mei-li Liezl Buenaventura

Really impressed with Ron and happy I took the class with him. I am definitely a better artist now than I was six weeks ago, and as someone who already has a BFA (and has taken many many figure drawing classes in the past), I was really happy that Ron was teaching such a technical way of approaching the subject matter. In our first lesson he mentioned gesture drawing and how frustrating he found it to be as it did not yield a usable mannequin, and as someone who learned the “old way”, I can definitely agree. Really, really useful class, taught by a great artist!

John Waggoner

A great teacher, Ron was able to be stern in his critiques while never seeming hostile or combative. I always felt that my improvement was his first priority.

Nikhil Arora

Ron is a tremendous source of information. He really knows his stuff, and he gives good critiques. Also special commendation for getting all the feedback videos in before the Q&As.

Massiel Valenzuela-Castaneda

Ron was great! His examples are easy to understand and he’s probably the best art instructor I have ever had!

Nick Fernandez

Ron’s knowledge on anatomy is exponential, and I felt like I could ask him anything regarding how to draw the figure.

Eric Ng

Awesome instructor! She’s really nice and even takes the extra time to post additional resources. Also quite patient and understanding.

Cody Rose

Very knowledgeable of the content taught within the class. Great at clearly conveying ideas and concepts to the students, even without direct contact or interaction during the lectures.

Antonio Díaz

Shannon is a wonderful person and teacher. Her love for her craft does nothing but inspire to be better and I will ALWAYS be thankful to her for that!

Karim Oyarzabal

Shannon is very caring, precise, detailed.

Christian Bunyan

Shannon is a fantastic instructor. Best I’ve seen at CGMA!

Tyler Bourne

Shannon goes above and beyond. She visibly puts more time, effort and energy into each student’s work and critique than anyone else. Her critique and QAs are always lengthy (in a good way), she explains things in simple terms, and she is constantly sharing resources, whether on the forums or in the QAs or your critiques. Her caring and commitment to her students shows through in all she does.

Ian Froud

Very enthusiastic and engaging. Listening to her lectures and her live Q&A was always a pleasure.

Emma Baumann

Phil was an absolutely phenomenal teacher. He was very engaging in our Q&A sessions, and really went the extra mile to help us. I got a lot of valuable feedback from him, and would love to learn more from him in the future.

Natalie Sega

Absolutely fantastic. Phil always spent enough time talking to everyone about their work and teaching a few new techniques. Also always very positive and encouraging.

Lance Dobersek

Phil really went above and beyond to give everyone an equal footing while helping us all along no matter the skill level.

Daina Valiulis

Phil was awesome!! He was so positive and encouraging. He spoke to us like we are his peers and got excited about everyone’s work.

Ibrahim Khan

Very positive and can see the potential of a concept in an initial drawing.

Angie Ngie

She’s not afraid to repeat the same feedback where necessary, I appreciate her patience.

Jeremy Precel

Mélanie was amazing! this was my first CGMA class and it has definitely got my so pumped up to take more classes.

Cathia Nofziger

Melanie is amazing and I learned so much from her. I am so grateful for all the time she spent coaching me and helping me improve. Wonderful teacher!

Anne Goodman

I think Melanie is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. I appreciate both her thoroughness and attention to detail!

Ariel Tang

Melanie was a great instructor and cared very much for helping students learn.

Nicole Slater

She was very kind and pushed the idea of imperfection is perfection, and I loved it. It was exactly what I needed to step forward and become a better artist. Somebody that everybody should learn from.

Alessandra Divizia

Amazingly talented artist, and very kind and thoughtful teacher.

Agnes Buronyi

Melanie is a very nice and helpful person—she actively participated on the forum, answered every question, and her feedbacks were great. She really cared about her students and helped us to improve.

Ilona Winkler

Mélanie is by far the best instructor I’ve had at CGMA so far. She is an amazing artist and shares her knowledge! And she also gives helpful feedback, like really telling you what does not work in your drawing and why.

Sheryl Soong

My favorite CGMA teacher so far, and I’ve taken like half a dozen classes! I really appreciate how she was around on the site too to answer questions about WIPs.

Nienke Zijlstra

Lip is a great instructor. He provided helpful and insightful feedback and he helped me grow in my artistic skills.

Eva Danyi-Csoban

I was very satisfied with the instructor’s feedback. He always gives me an objective constructive feedback which it means very supportive for me to correct any mistakes and achieve my goals on the actual homework. Thanks for him for everything. He is a very good teacher and excellent artist.

Debbie Yeo

Instructor was friendly and patient while going through the material, making sure we didn’t miss out on any fundamentals in our work.

Archer Dougherty

Lip is amazing. His technical understanding and conceptual approach makes his approach to this class thoroughly grounding.

Rosemary Chalmers

Bobby was very thorough and constructive with his feedback. He was also very encouraging.

Laurie M. Satizabal

Bobby was a terrific professor, I will definitely take his class again!

Ian Till

Mayan is a great instructor and a great guy! He brings extensive real world experience to his lectures and provides constructive criticism to his feedback that isn’t sugar-coated (which I really appreciate). Mayan is the man!

Itziar Carrasco

Mayan has always been very clear explaining the exercises each week and giving feedback. It seems to me a very important point that he has used examples so that we understand him perfectly.

Pam Miller

Miguel is amazing, both as an artist and a compassionate instructor. Thank you so much for your insight and support!

Lucas Örström

Very helpful, and could motivate students whilst giving very much needed feedback to keep the learning a fun experience!

Anna Berentsen

Miguel did an absolutely fantastic job. Very intelligent and well spoken. A lot of artists have incredible skills but aren’t able to articulate themselves in a way that makes them good teachers- but Miguel was great at both.

Anna Orlova

This course is highly conceptual and very well structured. It’s not an easy material but it is explained very clearly. Also, I loved the artistic freedom we had in our assignments, it’s super inspiring!

Lucia Chuang

Miguel is an amazing teacher, with a lot of knowledge, very professional and helpful.

Frank J Montes

David really cares about character design and it shows in his interactions with students. His feedback and Q&A sessions are always insightful and motivating. David is super approachable and open, he’s never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down. Truly a great teacher.

Amanda Zima

David was a joy to learn from! I really appreciated that he was so open to taking late assignments. Being a working professional, it can be hard to hit the assignment deadlines on time, and David was always willing to take my late submissions and still deliver feedback.

Ellie Crane

He’s been very informative and was accommodating. Easy to follow, solid feedback and lectures made me think outside of the box.

Brendan Loscar

He was always very encouraging but also offered great draw-overs showing potential for growth.

Rosana Iarusso

I was very happy how my work came out with the guidance I received! He was so helpful and was kind enough to put in his time to giving amazing and caring feedback. His enthusiasm in his feedbacks helped be feel like I could accomplish anything!

Amber Kenneson

Sang Jun Lee is an excellent instructor and mentor! He provided individual attention to each one of us according to what we needed–not only in our class assignments, but in our portfolios and overall body of work. He challenged each of us to push out of our comfort zones and take our work to the next level–and it was amazing!

Yaara Maimon

She was excellent! Yes, I had no previous knowledge in animation and now after the course I’m able to create a short animation by myself!

Guido Lenzi

Just a great guy, he really pushed me forward.

Jonathan Valdez

I cannot say enough about Patrick’s ability to communicate his process. Patrick was extremely helpful to everyone during the Q&A and took his time with every single critique. I consider Patrick one if not the best teacher I had the pleasure of studying under. He is a true master of anatomy and I cannot recommend his class enough. I hope to one day have the opportunity to study under him again.

Nancy Vw

One of the best instructors I have ever had. My artwork improved considerably during this course, as did my understanding of the figure. The instructor is extremely sincere, and encouraging while having high expectations for excellence. I wish that he were teaching more courses. I would take them all.

Sean Guzman

Great job, especially considering it was the first class Patrick taught on the CGMA platform.

Marcellino Tan

All of the instructors should be like him!

Joshua Moya

Patrick has opened the world of traditional art to me. And I am forever great full. His passion for his work resonates clearly in his lectures and QA sessions. He really makes it feel like a world I want to be part of. I will continue to work in charcoal and sanguine long after this class. Thank you Patrick.

Liberty Johse

I learned so much in this class. Patrick is a fantastic teacher, artist, and person. He truly cares about art and the well-being of his students, like a drawing art-dad!

Sal Hernandez

Very easy to work with and good at explanations.

Emiko Sawanobori

He was very clear with his explanations and thorough with his answers.

Ania Remlein

He tried to support us individually, which was great.

Khadeeja Jamaal

He’s very helpful, especially for an overwhelmed beginner like me.

Kate Ledermeier

He was great! I’ve learned so much from him, especially because he explained things so clearly and easily.

Alan Lashbrook

Eugene was very helpful and seemed to take a genuine interest in each student’s progress.

Hugo Favre

Eugene was a really good teacher. He always took time to answer questions and give good and clear feedbacks. Also he didn’t have the same level of expectation the first weeks as the last weeks. Which was really awesome and helping!

Catherine Phan

Eugene is amazing!! I really loved listening to him.

Allen Fatimaharan

Great instructor! Felt I learnt a lot within a month. I could see the improvement in my work and the methods that I use.

Hollie Mengert

Carlos is a wonderful mentor! Not only because of his experience and skill level, but also because he’s very personable and approachable.

Adam Waters

Carlos helped everyone step out their comfort zone and approach new concepts which will have a long lasting effect! A brilliant mentor.

Dennis Scarry

I like how no matter the level of experience each student has the instructor always gave constructive criticism. They never tore anyone down.

Alida Kerimova

What I liked about Peter is that he always gives constructive feedback, pointing out mistakes in a way that encourages further improvement. He inspired me to continue working on my drawing skills.

Tommi Kinturi

Peter Han is an excellent teacher with a genuine interest in student development.

Didan Bay

Great teacher, instructor. Not only that, also a good mentor. Very approachable. Very easy to digest every time he gives information. Very welcoming and encouraging a very high spirit of learning. Very passionate in what he’s doing, therefore spreading the passion also to students.

Kate Springfield

The way that Peter adapts to the needs of each student and manages the time spent on various subjects according to needs and not just a fixed plan is just incredible. He also shares so much about his own methodology and experiences that we gain so much invaluable insight. Not only have I ‘learnt’ new things, but have ‘unlearnt’ my bad habits that were holding me back.

Scott Allen

Outstanding. I was always aware of the principles and ideas I was supposed to exercise while working on the assignments, the explanations were clear and concise, and there was an incredible amount of fast, effective communication. There were no gray areas or vague, open-ended goals or standards. These are rare qualities in my art education experience to date.

Jeff Larkin

Sergio did a great job in covering a lot of bases with the software, and sharing tips specific to our needs as 2D artists, and his availabilty to answer questions was excellent.

Juan Pablo Roldan

Really great course, all I was looking for, Sergio is a great instructor!

Saem Hasnain

One of the best! Was very patient and helpful. Went above and beyond when we needed answers for specific problems.

Jeff Larkin

Sergio spent a lot of time with us and did a great job, thankful to study with him.

Christopher Bradley

Sergio is great! He is generous with his time and knowledge. He is always positive and happy to help.

Hasnain Jhfug Saem

One of the best! Was very patient and helpful. Went above and beyond when we needed answers for specific problems.

Jason Bernard

Nice guy. Clearly put a lot of work and dedication into the feedback, which he posted like clockwork.

Barbara Hvidt

He has such an unfathomable enthusiasm for anatomy and for passing on his knowledge.

Cody Rose

Very well versed in human anatomy, and the art of teaching and conveying clearly multiple ideas and / or concepts to other people. Also, very interested in making sure their students understand clearly the knowledge they make so much effort to offer.

Khadeeja Jamaal

The best teacher I have ever had. The effort he puts is inspiring. I feel like he really has made a massive difference to my learning. I understand so much more. so good!

Daria Gonzalez

Mr Rey is a great instructor — thoughtful, passionate about his craft, caring about his students and extremely knowledgeable.

Laurel Van Patten

Mr. Rey was great!

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