3D Environment Arts Track

Master the concepts, techniques, and tools required for a career as a 3D environment artist

Courses start on April 16th, 2022


Understand the role of an Environment Artist in Games

The environment artist’s role is that of world builder. The mission is nothing less than to craft the spaces that will create a sense of immersion, help tell a story, and work hand-in-glove with level design and gameplay. Environment artists work at the vanguard of video game development, typically collaborating closely with level designers to visualize, build, and refine the 3D content that helps define aesthetic as well as gameplay flow. In addition to providing students with an inroad to the games industry, this track also acts as an ideal primer for artists looking at more specialized hard surface modeling or digital matte painter roles in the film and animation industries.

As you complete each 3D environment art course, you will receive a certificate of completion for that course. In order to qualify for a course certificate of completion, students must complete at least 80% of the class assignment during the duration of the course.

Should you have any questions regarding these courses please contact registration@cgmasteracademy.com. Additionally, you only pay for the course(s) you take in a given term.


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October 1st - December
22nd 2021
January 22nd- April
15th 2022
April 16th - July
8th 2022
July 9th - September
30th 2022

As you complete each course you will receive a certificate of completion for that course. In order to qualify for an in course certificate of completion, students must complete at least 80% of the class assignment during the duration of the course.  

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  • Cody Grech

    Awesome teacher! I would take other classes taught by David without giving it second thought. Very knowledgeable and friendly, assignments are paced very well, lots of great info that is useful with real applications.

  • Laura Meijer

    David Mooy speaks in a relaxed manner and doesn’t sound rushed, which is a big plus for students who are not native English speakers.

  • Michael Paolini

    It is like learning from a real seasoned veteran of the industry. Mooy seemed passionately interested about what he does — and clearly knows his stuff — and you can obviously see that in the Q&As, where he answered a question it would generate more discussion and it was all so interesting to listen to and you learned so much.

  • Russel Aronchick

    David presented the material in a very easy to understand way and the course itself was definitely a good kickstart into learning the basics of Maya.

  • Martin Hall

    Mr David Mooy has the ideal teaching style for helping learners at the early stage of their journey, not only to develop skills quickly, but also to be enthused and excited about the learning journey ahead. He’s patient, positive, personable and knows his subjects inside out.

  • Flynn Donaghey

    I just want to say how great David was as an instructor, his videos were full of info and yet he still managed to make them upbeat and interesting. His feedback was always encouraging and made me want to get better for the next week’s assignment.

  • Vitaly Bonndar

    I really like Clinton’s style of teaching. He explains any topic in a way that’s very accessible and detailed. I would love to have gone through another course with such a great teacher.

  • James Morgan

    Clinton was a great instructor providing excellent feedback great tips and techniques. He also provided extra material relating to each week’s theme or area. This adds more value to course, providing tutorials and documents to continue study.

  • JD Gardner

    Clinton is amazing; I would absolutely take another class with him in a second. Very personable and active in the forums, great with specific feedback examples, and he clearly knows his technical stuff.

  • Andy Fraser

    He was great. Love that he found documentations on each subject that we were learning to help us further our education.

  • Luca Tietto

    He was really clear during the lectures and has incredible patience. Never received late a feedback or email. Definitely an incredible teacher and artist!

  • Caitlyn Kenney

    Clinton is a very good teacher. He explains things well and is easy to understand. He went above and beyond the class material and explained other things too, and answered our questions about the industry.

  • Virendra Pratap Singh

    This course was an amazing experience. Clinton is simply outstanding both in his knowledge and the way he teaches.

  • Zian Hsu

    Clinton explained all fundamental very clearly and will provide a lot of article links you may need, also the reviews were always on point! Best teacher ever!

  • Parker Miltsch

    Clinton always made sure you understood what he was teaching and would go over anything and everything with you until it clicked without hesitation.

  • Beti Madrakiewicz

    …with a help of Tylor I managed to kearn the basics of modeling in Maya, Uv mapping, substance painting texturing, baking in Marmoset and basics in unreal engine. All these things were completly new to me!

  • Jacob Fragoso

    Taylor’s individual feedback and answered questions were incredibly helpful. You could tell that he went the extra mile to provide meaningful and honest feedback to help make our projects the most successful they could be.

  • Beti Madrakiewicz

    Taylor is brilliant teacher. Thanks to him I did not give up. He s very patient and explains everything. Always provides with additional materials and inspirations

  • Andre da Silva

    The instructor was fantastic. My feedback were always clear and helpful with additional tips. I could definitely consider another course that Hunton is lecturing.

  • Melissa Manderbach

    Hunton was super helpful each week with his feedback. I felt that, with his help, I could push myself to improve my model each iteration.

  • Daria Lezucha

    She was very interested in the questions we had, encouraging and gave really good and constrictive feedback. She was exactly the instructor that I needed to keep me motivated and comfortable to be involved in class discussions.

  • Sian Geraghty

    Loved Vidya’s substance lecture. She made it so easy to get started. Also appreciated the MASH and topology lectures as well.

  • Christoph Lechler

    Because of Vidya’s feedback, I knew where I had to focus. I learned some new techniques in modeling and unwrapping, which also will helped me beyond this course.

  • Jahrut Kaptan

    Vidya was awesome at teaching us about every aspect. She always made an effort to be motivating and helping us.

  • Taylor Yoon

    Michael is a very efficient and energetic instructor, which I love because the course material can become so much more dense. I feel like I got to learn a lot in a very short amount of time because of that.

  • Molly Gilmore

    He is extremely knowledgeable and very generous in how he shares what he knows with the class.

  • Travis Baptiste

    One of the greatest teachers I’ve ever had. Always had more to teach and show while doing so in a way that was quick to grasp. I did not expect my comfort in Zbrush to scale so fast in several weeks.

  • Ben Donely

    He did a great job of showing us all the possibilities that exist from different workflows to different artists and really set us on a path for success following the courses conclusion.

  • Takahiro Goto

    Michael’s encouraging approach made learning on this course a great joy as well as a great challenge. You can really feel welcomed into the world of 3D if you’re a newcomer.

  • Charlotte Dobson

    Michael has been an amazing tutor. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course to anyone and I’d also be very keen to enroll in a course with Michael again.

  • Malin Runsten Fredriksson

    Really happy to have Ben as an instructor! His videos and feedback are simple and clear, and I never felt that I was completely lost when taking the course. He also really went out of his way to answer all kinds of questions, especially in the Q&A. I took this course to learn the tools and mindset of Substance, and I believe I achieved this goal with this course.

  • Katarzyna Wielhorska

    Ben is very focused on the student—he gives long and outstanding homework feedback.

  • Sam Cole

    I really appreciated the frequency of feedback Ben was able to give. It really helped me improve rapidly week-to-week.

  • Tim Brakensiek

    Ben was great, I really enjoyed his instruction and he really knows Substance Designer and Painter and can relate his knowledge well.

  • Tobias Rintoul

    Ben was a fantastic tutor who really look the time to aid us as best he could. I’ve suggested the course to many peers / colleagues.

  • James Morgan

    Ben did a great job of breaking it down in a clear and concise manner with no fluff—just the theories and professional practices to use and get great results. So thanks again for all the effort he put in and the speedy reviews and feedback.

  • Bryan Pitt

    Ben was absolutely fantastic to learn from. I felt pretty intimidated trying to learn game art from a pro but he was very open and nice. He made it easy to ask questions and gave thorough answers.

  • Ashley Wade

    I appreciate Ben’s attention to detail during this course. His openness made it easy to ask questions, and his willingness to explain even small things made it feel like he cared about my personal growth.

  • Ian Mize

    Ben, is by far the most thorough instructor I have had at CGMA. All of my classes have been great but I feel like I have gained the most constructive learning from this course. Thank you endlessly!

  • Wesley Barreira

    The teacher was attentive and showed full capacity with the tools and pipeline. He was always happy and willing to share materials beyond the course.

  • Sarah McDowell

    Peyton was an excellent instructor. Always gave good feedback and tried to help promote creative thinking and problem solving.

  • Jozsef Farkas

    Peyton was fantastic and really helped us all develop!

  • Neil Mahmood

    Peyton was great, clear and concise with his comments.

  • Diana Munteanu

    Peyton is great and knows a lot, also very friendly and always knows how to fix a problem.

  • Patricia Escribano Bourgoin

    Peyton is always very helpful when I run into a problem, he answers emails and always addresses my questions in Q&A.

  • Murray Blue

    Peyton was really helpful and understanding of the different levels of artist in the class.

  • Jaikumar Gurubaran

    It’s a pleasure to have Peyton as my instructor and he is really awesome at explaining things and highly knowledgeable.

  • Leigh-Ann

    Ashleigh is a great instructor. She’s always available to answer questions and she gives thoughtful critiques.

  • Monica Bauer

    Well organized, forces everyone to be better than their best.

  • Nicole Zedan

    Showed an intense interest in her students, making us all feel very inclined to learn and engaged in the content. She was readily willing to answer questions about any topic and give us access to all the resources she could.

  • Zeth Wilson

    I became a lot more confident and fluent with the material editor in unreal. The fundamentals were made clear to me and I’m glad I took the course. Hugh was very helpful and responsive to questions.

  • Sudhir Trivedi

    By answering my questions mostly. ^^ Also, since Hugh have experience in the field, he can say why he’s doing something, good practices, gotchas, ect. It was also an amazing introduction to PBR.

  • Jean-François Bercier

    My knowledge definately improved after this course in material and shading part. I really liked the way Hugh explain every material nodes process.

  • Radoslaw Karbowski

    I know much more about shaders than before. I am not afraid of making one like I was before. He (Hugh) is a great professional.

  • Lewis McDonough

    Excellent instructor. It was great to have someone like Anthony sharing his knowledge with us.

  • Kyle Tallant

    Anthony Vaccaro was great and really seemed to care about my work during the feedback videos. He showed great interest and knowledge during the Q&A’s as well, and answered every questions asked during so, as well as answered every question posted via forum throughout each week.

  • Jay Dalnoot

    I loved the overall feedback and this course, it was clear and honest. And gave me a different way of creating creating an environment. He could easily see where I need to improve my assets and explained it very well.

  • Jacqueline Adelmeyer

    Anthony is really knowledgeable and great at explaining technical things in a way artists can understand.

  • Christopher Sheridan

    Sean Ian Runnels is an extremely competent game artist and very prompt and descriptive with his help and feedback. I think he is doing his utmost as an instructor and all that is required of one.

  • Tyler Picking

    Sean was very good with answering both technical, artistic, and profession centered questions

  • Michael Smith

    Shane was fantastic, a great instructor and extremely helpful answer questions and just about anything level design related.

  • Tristan Angeles

    Shane was a great instructor. He really did a great job explaining things about level design that wasn’t tackled in the lectures. Also really gave lots of practical tips.