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Just a reminder that registration for our 2021 Summer Term opens next week!

Houdini | FX Track

Learn how to harness fire, water, smoke, and more in a track that unravels the mysteries of the industry-standard tools and techniques for control of simulation-based animation

Courses start on July 10, 2021


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Max Rose

Varomix was great. Very helpful, warm and friendly.

Judith Ferrer

Great class! Highly recommend Varomix, he has made learning the fundamentals of houdini easy and fun.

Carlos Puccio

Timothy always shows his passion as an FX artist and TD, in the Q&I and reviews he was searching what were our goals as artists for supporting and helping us to enhance that skill.

David Nelson

Keith really did a phenomenal job, and I’m not just saying that. I feel as though I’ve seriously increased my skill level in Houdini Destruction work after taking his course.

Taylor Tomlinson

Amazing instructor. Very knowledgeable about the content, learned more during this class then I have in my entire college career.

Adam Beattie

Keith Kamholz gave really excellent feedback and promptly as well. He also answered email questions very quickly and with really detailed replies.

Mohammed Al Abri

He worked hard to push us to simplify very complex tasks and encouraged us to take simple steps each time to build magical stuff. I also admired his modesty & wellness for helping and sharing some of his coolest & production proven techniques, which you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere.

Heiko Buchalla

Very useful insights and tips about his work. Kind Person. Great course!

Roy Nieterau

Johannes is a great tutor that knows well how to explain the concepts in an approachable manner. Even later in the course, he was able to keep hinting at things that were taught in the course so it would remain in the back of your mind. Excellent instructor.

Ekaterina Korol

Ferdinando, gave a very accurate answers to the questions and was very attentive to my ideas, trying not only to give a solution, but also to understand in which direction it is worth developing my ideas. This course came out with an individual approach.

Joubert Junior Constant

He is very helpful and always gave good feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Karina Bichler

Kristin was super kind and was always available and really helpful.

Andrew Brownridge

Very enthusiastic and friendly.

Cassidy Handford

He did a great job, he always answered forum questions quickly and provided feedback on time. The lessons were all very clear and covered a good range of useful and industry relevant topics.

Andrew Malvasio

Very happy with this course it was exactly what I was looking for to get me jump started in Nuke.

Hayden Matheson

My instructor was very detailed when explaining the functions and steps to complete the desired task. He didn’t just give the technical reasons but shared his experience from an artistic point of view. His personality and approach to handling students is friendly and met with enthusiasm. Assets of a great teacher.

Divya Jadhav

Behnam Shafiebeik is really a great instructor. He made the process of learning Nuke for production quite simple, by breaking it down in to parts that could be understood and exercised in a weeks duration.

Evelyn Yao

Great instructor! Always very clear on videos and feedbacks as well as live Q & A.

Marian Aquilizan

Behnam is a great instructor! He was very patient and answered questions in detail.

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