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Just a reminder that registration for our 2021 Summer Term opens next week!

Visual Storytelling & IP Development Track

Learn how to capitalize on your design skills with unique courses dedicated to storytelling, storyboarding, and visual communication

Courses start on July 10, 2021

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October 3rd - December
12th 2020
January 23rd- April
16th 2021
April 17th - July
9th 2021
July 10th - October
1st 2021

As you complete each course you will receive a certificate of completion for that course. In order to qualify for an in course certificate of completion, students must complete at least 80% of the class assignment during the duration of the course.  

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Sal Hernandez

Very easy to work with and good at explanations.

Emiko Sawanobori

He was very clear with his explanations and thorough with his answers.

Ania Remlein

He tried to support us individually, which was great.

Khadeeja Jamaal

He’s very helpful, especially for an overwhelmed beginner like me.

Kate Ledermeier

He was great! I’ve learned so much from him, especially because he explained things so clearly and easily.

Alan Lashbrook

Eugene was very helpful and seemed to take a genuine interest in each student’s progress.

Hugo Favre

Eugene was a really good teacher. He always took time to answer questions and give good and clear feedbacks. Also he didn’t have the same level of expectation the first weeks as the last weeks. Which was really awesome and helping!

Catherine Phan

Eugene is amazing!! I really loved listening to him.

Santosh Oommen

Informative, knowledgeable and answered a lot of questions I had about story and the business of it.

Erik Eulen

Josh has been a great resource for learning. His experience and knowledge was obvious and he was very engaging with the class about topics and additional reading material suggestions.

Abram Buck

Josh is very knowledgeable. He broke down story development in a way that makes it easier for me to understand what makes stories great. I really enjoyed learning under him.

Janneke van den Biggelaar

Joshua was able to create a great and most of all safe space to share ideas. It made me feel like I was taken serious, especially since I’ve been struggling with insecurity issues. His feedback was always very good and helpful.

Justin King

Kevin is a great, knowledgeable teacher who I would definitely take a class from again.

Giuseppe Bonanno

Kevin is, without any doubt whatsoever in my mind, the best instructor I have had the pleasure of working with. He has consistently gone above and beyond in his efforts to help myself and other members of this class strive not merely for improvement, but for work that is genuinely professional. I hold him in the highest regard.

Hannah Shigeta

More than great—much, much better than classes that I had taken in university.

Michelle Ferri

Kevin is awesome! I didn’t plan on signing up for this class at first because it didn’t seem focused towards television animation but I changed my mind when I saw Kevin’s portfolio. He is not only an excellent storyboard artist, but a really gifted teacher.

Pam Miller

Miguel is amazing, both as an artist and a compassionate instructor. Thank you so much for your insight and support!

Lucas Örström

Very helpful, and could motivate students whilst giving very much needed feedback to keep the learning a fun experience!

Anna Berentsen

Miguel did an absolutely fantastic job. Very intelligent and well spoken. A lot of artists have incredible skills but aren’t able to articulate themselves in a way that makes them good teachers- but Miguel was great at both.

Anna Orlova

This course is highly conceptual and very well structured. It’s not an easy material but it is explained very clearly. Also, I loved the artistic freedom we had in our assignments, it’s super inspiring!

Lucia Chuang

Miguel is an amazing teacher, with a lot of knowledge, very professional and helpful.

Jason Bernard

Nice guy. Clearly put a lot of work and dedication into the feedback, which he posted like clockwork.

Yaara Maimon

She was excellent! Yes, I had no previous knowledge in animation and now after the course I’m able to create a short animation by myself!

Kimberly Halm

It was a lot of fun. The live sessions were the most useful part to me in the course and I always looked forward to them.

Jane S. Kim

Ricardo is one of the few rare brilliant professional instructors who has such an excellent eye and gives so much to you. His critiques are always on point and he is also tremendously kind and so humble. This in turn made me feel really inspired and encourages me to try my best every class.

Eduardo Brito

Ricardo is an amazing teacher and I would recommend this course to anyone that is interested on breaking into the movie industry. I enjoyed it a lot!

Florian Fiebig

Ricardo is very knowledgeable and a great artist. He inspires to grow and learn new techniques and addresses issues artists face (Perfection vs. Efficiency)in the industry which is very important.

Xaxier Ward

Ricardo has been an exceptional teacher, who genuinely cares about each student and their progression. His calm and humble teaching style and consistent professionalism has kept me feeling supported through a demanding course.

Gaia Buggio

He helped me a lot to be more confident, to work methodically and with a specific purpose. Always available with great constructive feedback, excellent teacher!

Jake Livak

I liked having multiple people lecturing and giving feedback throughout the course, it was an interesting change from usually just having the classes be a single instructor.

Jeff Larkin

Sergio did a great job in covering a lot of bases with the software, and sharing tips specific to our needs as 2D artists, and his availabilty to answer questions was excellent.

Juan Pablo Roldan

Really great course, all I was looking for, Sergio is a great instructor!

Saem Hasnain

One of the best! Was very patient and helpful. Went above and beyond when we needed answers for specific problems.

Jeff Larkin

Sergio spent a lot of time with us and did a great job, thankful to study with him.

Christopher Bradley

Sergio is great! He is generous with his time and knowledge. He is always positive and happy to help.

Hasnain Jhfug Saem

One of the best! Was very patient and helpful. Went above and beyond when we needed answers for specific problems.

Junard Paolo Basilio

Mehreen is very effective as an instructor. She is very eloquent in the subject matter.

James Wright

He went above and beyond. I cannot recommend him enough! Great teacher with a fantastic work ethic.

Dennis Scarry

I like how no matter the level of experience each student has the instructor always gave constructive criticism. They never tore anyone down.

Alida Kerimova

What I liked about Peter is that he always gives constructive feedback, pointing out mistakes in a way that encourages further improvement. He inspired me to continue working on my drawing skills.

Tommi Kinturi

Peter Han is an excellent teacher with a genuine interest in student development.

Didan Bay

Great teacher, instructor. Not only that, also a good mentor. Very approachable. Very easy to digest every time he gives information. Very welcoming and encouraging a very high spirit of learning. Very passionate in what he’s doing, therefore spreading the passion also to students.

Kate Springfield

The way that Peter adapts to the needs of each student and manages the time spent on various subjects according to needs and not just a fixed plan is just incredible. He also shares so much about his own methodology and experiences that we gain so much invaluable insight. Not only have I ‘learnt’ new things, but have ‘unlearnt’ my bad habits that were holding me back.

Scott Allen

Outstanding. I was always aware of the principles and ideas I was supposed to exercise while working on the assignments, the explanations were clear and concise, and there was an incredible amount of fast, effective communication. There were no gray areas or vague, open-ended goals or standards. These are rare qualities in my art education experience to date.

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